Vacuum Jacketed Pipe (VJP)

     Midwest Cryogenics provides stainless steel super-insulated Vacuum Jacketed Pipes (VJP) systems used for the transfer of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, and helium. Each VJP system is custom designed to meet the requirements of the application, while keeping the system economics within budget.


     We use stainless steel pipe in the manufacturing of the VJP. These contain an inner line for the transfer of cryogenic liquids with an outer vacuum jacket. The vacuum annular space consists of a multi-layered insulation with an extremely low vacuum level of 9 microns or less.


     VJP is fifty times more effective than conventional foam-insulated copper in preventing heat to leak to the inner line, and VJP is extremely long lasting. We build the VJP to ASME B31.3 Code for Process Piping.


     We prefer the use of inner line expansion joints. With the use of stainless steel inner expansion joints, the pipe supports for our VJP need not compensate for the thermal expansion of the inner line (3.86 in/100 ft for LN2).


     For lengths of jacketed pipe over forty feet in length, it is necessary to divide the pipe into individual spool sections. We offer two options:

  • bayonet joint
  • field joint coupling
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 Open View of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Midwest Cryogenics Vacuum Jacketed Pipe is superior
compared to other conventional insulation. Take a look at our Cryogenic Pipe

Comparison Chart to see how the right piping solution can save your
company time and money.

The biggest problem in transferring cryogenic liquids is
loss of product due to heat transfer. Vacuum Jacketed Piping (VJP) is best
suited to minimize heat transfer and lower boil-off. VJP multi-layer insulation
is demonstrably superior to conventional foam insulated piping. In fact, it is
up to 40 times more effective in reducing heat leaks.

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Bulk Tanks


     Midwest Cryogenics offers sales, installation, and service for vertical and horizontal bulk tanks in new or used condition. With sizes ranging from 500 gallons to 35,000 gallons, we supply our clients with the most efficient solutions for gaseous or liquid applications (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, LNG, and CO2).

     Vertical and Horizontal tanks are available in a variety of sizes, and we can help you choose the right size and type for your application. We would be happy to help with any bulk tank needs you may have. Please call us for further information on what may be available to you. 








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